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The day after school ended in the spring of 2022, I attended a church party to celebrate. My sister, friends, and I were sitting on a super-sized tire swing that was suspended from an old tree. The large supporting branch broke and landed on my head, which shattered a vertebrae in my neck, cracked my skull, fractured my elbow, and broke my collar bone. My life changed in an instant.

Since my accident, I am no longer able to feel or move my torso, arms, or legs. My diagnosis is called tetraplegia, which resulted from a bruised spinal cord. Unfortunately, the spinal cord does not regenerate, so injuries often lead to permanent damage. Information on this site is used to help educate others interested in learning more, specifically about the upcoming medical advancements.
If desired, I invite anyone interested to read my story and share it with friends and family. Two local news networks interviewed me, so we are asking for help sharing these articles on social media, specifically Facebook and X. This is both to raise awareness and request support.

Revolutionary treatments are currently being developed; however, most are not covered by insurance even considering their life changing characteristics.


A notable treatment that shows promise is the epidural implant from Verita Neuro, which uses a device attached to the spine to amply the signals from the brain. There are several success stories where people like me regain movement in their arms and legs, even to the point of walking again.

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